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Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Who can we trust?
How difficult it is these days to fully trust people...
Look at this week:
The New York Times--arguably the best Newspaper in the world--has had to fire and suspend two of their reporters because they lied. There is concern now that the Jessica Lynch story was exagerated by the media to hype up support for the war. No wonder it is difficult for us to believe that something is true simply because someone says so.
So how can we as Christians tell the world that Jesus really is the only way to heaven?
The problem is that we are asking people to trust us (youth trust the leaders, friends trust the church going youth, etc.). Instead of saying let's investigate this God thing together...
That is why we have youth group, church, etc. because we want to walk this journey together and figure out exactly who Jesus is, and why His life transformed all of history.