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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Alright, lets try and get this thing ticking again.

Since the last post...Linz and I have moved to Princeton, NJ. I have begun my studies at PTSem.

Theologically, I have been stretched, transformed and molded in a new direction. While it has been an exciting adventure so far, I am curious to see where it will end.

The two "big" theological concepts i have been wrestling with this semester are:
1) Universal-Particular:
Building from Tillich and James Cone use of this image, I have come to see how this is absolutely central for any theological reflection, because it shows in essence the paradox of the Christian faith.
First God is universal--while not wanting to go pantheistic--God as creator is present in all things.
Second God is particular--Jesus the Christ was the particular manifestation of God in a certain time and place.
I am still trying to unpack the full implications of our worshiping a universally-particular God, I think this helps with the absolute/ultimate truth arguments.
2) We Worship a Resurrected Christ
This is where i am the most frustrated with many students at PTSem, many seem to forget (or at least not verbalize in their theology) that our Lord has been resurrected from the dead. Therefore, we do not worship the God found only in Scriptures, but rather we worship the Living Word.

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