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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cooked Rice

Football season is starting and I am wondering about Jerry Rice--the greatest WR of all-time. Mostly due to his work with the greatest Quarterback of all-time.

It is my humble opinion that while "nifty" that Rice wants to keep playing when others think he should retire, he is damaging his image.

If he had retired after the 9ers, that would have been perfect.
After the Raiders--that would have worked well. It would have been similar to Emmit's Cardinals, Babe Ruth's Braves, and Joe Montana's Chiefs (don't forgot that Joe was effective in KC).
After the Seahawks--well that would have been seen as his last desperate attempt.

But now going to the Broncos without a guarenteed contract and without number 80, smells of Ricky Henderson--who by the way is still playing baseball in some semipro international league.

It will be an unfortunate day when the greatest Wide Receiver of All-Time is told that he is no longer wanted on any team, rather than retiring upon his own conditions.

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