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Monday, July 25, 2005

Uncomfortable Grace

"You can't learn surgery in a comfortable office."
(as quoted in Leadership Jazz 107.)

If that is true, what makes us think that people can learn GRACE in a comfortable setting?
Shouldn't the good news of Jesus be awesome and disturbing?
Might our message be ineffective because it lacks the grace and creativity of God?

Grace is radical--it transforms and redefines everything.

Jesus' ministry transformed (and transforms) our understanding of God. Jesus left the abundance of heaven where angels herald His name, to live the life of an itinerant minister alongside the marginalized. Therefore, it would not be perposterous to suggest that he sometimes went to sleep hungry.

The God's Message of Grace-Jesus Christ-came in a creative manner to transform all of human history. In the same manner, shouldn't our worship be a radically creative and gracefilled experience?

By creative, I am not suggesting that the traditional service has to be dismissed as passé. Instead I want to move beyond a discussion of the methods necessary for worship (i.e. guitar vs. hymn, pew vs. comfy chair), and suggest that true communion worship of God, which should occur outside of an hour on Sunday, can be uncomfortable, scary and mysterious.

If we acknowledge that God's Message of Grace is uncomfortable, we will be brought to our knees in humble worship, and open to the Holy Spirit's creative movement.

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