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Sunday, September 25, 2005

a conversation

"I do not believe in religions?"
  • Well this comment I have a difficult time understanding. How can you not believe in religions, that is like not believing in the Carolina Panthers? You might not like religions, or you might not wish to allign yourself with a particular religion. But they exist so it is impossible to say you do not believe in religions.

  • "All religions are man made."
  • For many professional religious people this statement causes a defense reaction. But actually this is accurate, and anyone who denies this fails to see the human aspect of religion. Religion (using this word in it's broadest form, including the term "spirituality") is humanity's attempt to connect to something larger than themselves.

  • "Insitutions are corrupt." (implied: individual spiritually is not.)
  • Now our conversation has gotten to the heart of the matter. People are willing to argue for the corruption of institutions, but fail to place that corruption upon human responsibilties. Instead of admitting the culbality of individuals, which is only magnified in a instutional structure.

  • "Religions are for weak minded people."
  • Again, us religious professionals get upset by this statement and try to show how people of our faith, often ignoring that most religious adherents, are willing to take die/suffer for their beliefs. But, again, this statement is accurate, but we disagree in regards to the result. For most Americans, to be called weak is threatening--and for males is an affront to our understanding of masculinity. However, religions, and Christianity in particular, are for weak minded individuals, in the sense that we have to submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We have to humble our personal pride and admit that we are incapable of "being good." We seek a balm in Giledad that heals our lives, since we are incapable of healing ourselves.

  • This is where the conversation end. why because we come at a theological be helpless is unacceptable for my friend. To be rely upon myself and be alone is unacceptable to me.

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