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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Extra helping...

...of guilt.

Most of us are enjoying the luxury of a delicious, homemade Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
Just wanted to remind us about what was once a hip topic (see Live8):
Famine in Niger still a reality.

U.N. warns of food hardships in Niger

"Even if good harvest conditions persist, "many Nigeriens have already stretched their ability to deal with difficult times to the limit. Their survival strategies will be less reliable and less sustainable in 2006," Cirri said in a statement.

"Many people have used every available means to get them through this year, and the harvests will bring only a brief respite," he said. "It will take only the slightest adversity to push families over the edge again."

Without an increase in international aid, Niger "faces a second successive year of extreme suffering and hardship."


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