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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Christ Candle

During Advent we light four candles in preparation for Christ’s birth: joy, hope, love and peace.
Too often, we pretend that these four things have come to pass in our lives and in our world. Too often during Christmas, whether it is the time with family or the eggnog or the “good cheer,” we put on masks and pretend that all is well in the world. But as each candle was extinguished last night, I was reminded that there are those living without joy, hope, love and peace this Christmas.

Joy: The Holidays can often bring a cloud of depression into the lives of people. The dark haze makes one lose focus; makes one numb to the external world. “Joy to the World” is song without the realization that we are also to receive Joy. There are those without Joy this Christmas

Hope: The people of the Gulfport and New Orleans who are still without adequate shelter. There are thousands of people who have lost their homes and are forced to live in FEMA trailers or tents. A CNN interview spoke to a woman who said that this was not the Holiday season for her, or her family, because they could not

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