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Friday, February 10, 2006

Postmodern Running

racin' shoes
Process thought has even hit the running world. Depending upon the situation and context, runs--just like art--will produce different outcomes. Our experiences change what we bring to the table, or to the running trail; Making each run its own unique experience.

Read this in my Runner's World magazine the other week after a discussion about postmodernity.

By opening up and see the bigger picture, one stops focusing upon the product--a particular speed--and enjoy the process.

Going with the Flow
by John Bingham

It's been said that you can never put your foot in the same river twice. Rivers are alive, flowing, and in constant motion. The river that was there a moment ago is long gone. The same is true for music, art, and movies. We never really hear the same song twice or see the same piece of art twice. What we bring to a second or third or hundredth exposure to a song or a painting is always different than the time before. We bring memories, feelings, and sensations. And the effect is cumulative.

Why is it then that runners think they can run the same route or same race twice? And why do runners think that comparisons made between running the same distance on different courses, on different days, has any validity at all?

You know what I'm talking about. I've done it, and I'm sure you have, too. We run our favorite route one day, then run it again a couple days later and beat ourselves up because we've finished a few seconds (or minutes) slower. Or we congratulate ourselves because we've run it a few seconds (probably not minutes) faster.

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