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Thursday, February 23, 2006

seeing true fellowship

Once again, what an awesome experience today has been at PTS. A reminder of why I am here.

I have been encouraged and challenged throughout the day in such an affirming manner. Thank you to all the fellas that I came across today because you each really helped me (didn't I tell you my personality class revealed I like to affirm people?)

I was able to see the power of prayer and the power of genuine fellowship with Christian brothers, who may disagree over particular topics, but still support, examine scripture and pray for each other.

Even the experience of preaching was a positive, exciting experience. Helping me see the joy I find in preaching...of course with one valuable lesson. Should you use a sermon illustration from another pastor, make sure that it is not a common illustration that everyone else would have heard...and especially make sure it was not used in Chapel last week--otherwise it is quite obvious that you don't go to Chapel.

This whole experience today, however, allowed me to come home and pray with in manner with my wife, that at the end she said, "wow that is the best prayer you have ever given."

Truly that is a result of being grounded in strong, prayerful fellowship with men I respect.

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