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Thursday, July 13, 2006

another interest bites the dust

While in Charlotte, I would go to Barnes and Noble for a break between visiting high school students during their lunch. Always in search for some new interest or hobby, I grabbed "Dummies Guide to Motorcycles." Each day, I would go and read a new chapter. Naturally I began with the chapters like, "What bikes best for you?" and "How to look cool riding?" and "What sweat leather jacket will make you look even cooler." You know all the really important stuff.

Then after getting really excited about getting I bike, I began to read the first few chapters. "How to approach an intersection." "How to survive a slide." "How to get a heavy bike off your leg after it is snapped and burned from your inability to lean into a turn."

Suddenly the cool factor seemed to disappear.
Not to mention the fact that my father has to order his jackets a quarter inch shorter on one arm after a shoulder injury suffered in a motorcycle wreck.
Then I read about Ben Rothlesiburger's accident.
One thing I hope not to hear, "You were seconds away from dying."

I guess I will let the motorcycle intertest start collecting dust with becoming a guitarist or a basketball star.

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