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Saturday, August 05, 2006


One of the greatest discoveries I have had at seminary has been my acceptance of theological tensions. Rather than trying to unravel the mysteries of Christianity and seeming paradoxes, I have willingly embraced the tensions such as Jesus' full humanity and divinity; law and grace; the eschatological already and not yet; being elect and becoming saved...

I was wondering where this acceptance of tension originated and this afternoon I think I discovered it. As some of my friends have recognized I claim both Atlanta and North Carolina as my home town. This tension is the result of my growing up in ATL but spending summers at my grandparents in NC and then living for 6 years in NC.

Diving further into my subconscious I noticed how deep that tension runs:

AtlantaNorth Carolina
Big Chicken Big Peach**
chief knockahoma sir purr
Bill ElliotRichard Petty

**the Big Peach is actually located in Gaffney, SC.

Honorable mentions:

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