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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yep, that is me in the middle. It is official, I have completed my degree and I am now a Master of Divinity.
It was a fun weekend, but went by so fast.
I was forced to do my first exercise post-surgery (against the doctor's orders) because I was late and had to run from my car to the processional. I did, however, end up with the best seat in the house. Third row, center aisle. Got to see all the action.
Plus, I received an unexpected award, that I am honored, humbled and appreciative of; the Kenyon J. Wildrick award for Homiletics, at first I thought they said "Home Ec" but then I pulled out my Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms.
  • For some of the photos from this weekend: Graduation
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    WTM said...

    Congratz on the award! Keep on preaching up a storm!