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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Devotion: Deep Breathing

As many of us will be stuck in traffic today for Thanksgiving, or waiting in a long line of people in the airport, I thought it would be important to remind us to take a deep breath. We often become so consumed with what is going on in our lives that we forget that the person who just cut us off in traffic, or the person asking a million questions at the ticket counter is also a child of God. Maybe squeezing that obligatory trip to see the family, or putting together an expansive feast for relatives who will come knocking on your door Thursday morning, is not the relaxing holiday it should be.
Therefore, it is my prayer that you may be able to sneak away from the chaos for five minutes, and take a deep breath.
Why a deep breath, you may ask? It’s not just some new-age guru technique, but it is scriptural, for the Hebrew word for Spirit is also the word for breath.
In Genesis 2 we read about God breathing life into humanity; Psalm 105 says “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord;” Isaiah tells us that God has given breath to the people upon the earth.
For me this is a great reminder of the closeness of God; with each exhale and inhale God gives and sustains my life and that closeness is also true for that person in front of me in line.
Let us be thankful this week for the breath of life God has given us, and seek ways to share that thankfulness with those around us.

1 comment:

jlee said...

Great reminder Wes. Your prayer was answered in my life because I was able to pause for a bit yesterday and reflect on life. My prayer time opened my eyes to how I had been rushing around like a madman. I then went to a grocery store and did everything so that I would not add to the madness. I ended up having 2-3 conversations with different individuals and the cashier. If I was in a rush, then that definitely wouldn't have happened.

Good reminder.

Let's see if we can continue in that reminder as we move towards Christmas.