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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welcome to 1985

If you have not heard about one of these, you gotta go out and get one. Lindsay and I just bought our first microwave, its kinda of like an oven but it cooks food alot faster!

Seriously, I know it is probably pretty sad, but last week after 5 1/2 years of marriage we bought ourselves a microwave.

This has opened up a whole world of possibilities. Frozen pizzas, tv dinners, those .99 frozen burritos. Life is good.

As the pace of life has picked up with work and with Ellie, we realize that it is not always possible to have freshly cooked meals. We've started Saturday night BBQs on the gas grill, now I am just trying to convince Lindsay for "hungryman dinner Tuesday."

I never really grew up with a microwave either, we had one of those old microwave ovens that you threw a latch and it would transform from an oven to a microwave, the problem was it never would heat food well, so all I remember is half-frozen dinners. When I was six, however, my parents did have a microwave but it was in the playroom in the basement, which inevitably meant that it became caked with melted GI Joe men.


jlee said...

Welcome to the land of FAT quick meals. At the same time, leftovers will be more available.

How did you go all these years without microwave popcorn???

Don said...

So, now that you've got a robe, you can hide the weight gain on Sunday morning a lot easier. And if you start having "Hungry Man Tuesdays" you're going to end up looking like those construction workers on the commercials!

Welcome to the 20th Century Wes! I'm glad you can finally warm up Ellie's bottles and eat microwave popcorn!