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Monday, May 12, 2008

Excellence Triathlon

Taking on a new adventure, I ran (and swam and biked) my first triathlon this past weekend.
It was a sprint race: 400meter swim, 20k bike ride, and 5k run.
While I was the most nervous about the swim, it actually went really smoothly. The bike on the otherhand was an interesting challenge because I could never quite find the right the gear.
When it came time to run, I hopped off the bike and it felt as though my feet were lead weights. Turns out, howver, I ran a 7:19/mile pace--one of my fastest times ever.
Hmm, onto the next adventure...


Jackson/Edwards said...

Congratulations! Way to go!

Erik said...

Nice work Wes. How was the body feeling the next day?

jlee said...

Good work Wes. I biked and ran today. Not even close to a triathalon but every little bit helps. I am a few weeks away from being able to dive into the lake near my neighborhood and swim. I should be able to stretch out the swim to 2 miles before the summer is over... Let's see how that goes!