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Saturday, May 31, 2008

What happens to Godly people?

Our Associates where having a fascinating conversation about what happens to the biblical characters that God has called.

What happened to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Jonah, Paul, Peter, Stephen, Judas, the other 11 disciples?

God called them to an extraordinary task. God called them to amazing work. God called them to hard work. God called them to service...and when he was done with them? He discarded them like a worn out toy. He used them, then left them under a tree (Jonah); left them begging for God to remember him (Nehemiah); Imprisoned (Paul); Crucified (Peter); Murdered (Stephen); committed suicide after being burden by guilt (Judas); scattered across the world (the 11).

I think that many in the church misunderstand a life of faith as a warm fuzzy feeling that calls us to a "splendid life." It's a picture perfect family heading into the church walls in order for their soul's to be nourished.

I recently read an incredible book by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame, and then listened to a podcast that basically sums up the end of his book. In it he quotes, Rick Porter, who asks: "What does it mean when God gives you a dream, and the dream comes to life, and God shows up in it, and then without warning the dream dies?"

As ministers, I believe it is dangerous and wrong to present this pollyana form of faith. Instead, we need to demonstrate that the life of faith is interweaves human lament with hope. It let's us see that the hardship of life are real, are valid and are unavoidable. But interwoven in this is hope...our so I hope.

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