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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Devotion: Una Siesta

I had the privilege of spending a week in Mexico with 49 youth and adults from First Presbyterian. We spent the week moving rock. Not small pebbles, but 30 to 50lb limestone rocks. It was impressive, exhausting and tedious labor. But graciously at 1 p.m. we stopped working and took a siesta each day.

Right now, I am missing my siesta.

Also, that whole week I was without a cell phone, the internet and even a watch. I was totally unaware of the official time. There was something freeing about that experience. There was something good knowing that I would not be interrupted by a cell phone call or a blinking message light.

In our American culture we have become so efficient that we have wired every aspect of our lives. Our houses are filled with WiFi, bluetooths allow us to chatter while driving, earbuds blast Bono while we walk down the streets.

We have become so efficient and productive that we have allowed work to penetrate into our down time. Commutes home are spent wrapping up the work week. Saturdays are just "quick pops into the office." We have lost the art of the siesta.

Or in Biblical terms, the Sabbath.

Even God rested.

Taking a Sabbath is actually a powerful theological proclamation because it declares that our work is not what keeps the universe running. The world will not come to a tumbling halt merely because we were not accessible for a few hours or a full day via our blackberry.

What prevents us from unplugging from our work?

How can we practically implement a theology of Sabbath into our work day, week and year?

In Christ,

Wes Barry

1 comment:

Don said...

So, the fact that I'm contemplating purchasing the new iPhone... what exactly are you saying, Wes?