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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Webkins Subliminal Messages?

My 7 year old nephew visited this weekend, and wanted to show me Webkins. I have never seen nor heard of this craze, but supposedly it is the hot new toy.

After I helped him log-in, it required a security verification. And below is the undoctored photo of the security phrase we had to type in.

Should I not be as bothered by that as I am?


Don said...

if you'd seen this in 10 or 20 different places, you could think something is up. But you KNOW it's just a random assortment of 5 letters - it could've just as easily come up with YAHWEH... 'cept that's 6 letters...

thehbs said...

Have you converted to Islam yet? ;)

wes said...
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wes said...

I don't think it can be that random. Later we logged in and were given a mismatch of numbers and letters.
I am no math wizzard but the likelihood of 36 possible letter/number combinations generating a word has to slim, let alone a specific word that you would imagine would be on a "Do not use for sensitivity purposes logorythym"
(e.g. shits, fucks, Jesus)

(Oh, and if my probability skills from Finite Math, my only college math/science course are right that's a 60,466,176 to 1 odds)

You are too trusting of soul Don. My guess, it is an inside job.