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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wine Connoisseurs

Lindsay and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary out at Napa Valley. It was my first trip to California but it was an amazing time out there. Best week of my life (minus my honeymoon, Ellie's birth, wedding, yada-yada...oh and the Panther's SuperBowl run...and Davidson's Elite Eight appearance but still definitely top 10)

We spent three days in the valley touring different wineries.

Our best find was a small winery called Hope and Grace. The name, atmosphere, service, and artwork made it awesome.

Then we spend two days in San Francisco where we walked/ran 17 miles throughout the city, including a short jaunt onto the Golden Gate bridge.

It was the first trip away from Ellie for both of us, but it was much needed (thanks to Lindsay's folks for making it possible).

As a fellow associate sent me though, "You never are in more need of a vacation then when you return from vacation." Words to live by.


Don said...

I was told that there's a wine region in Ohio recently, by a pastor who went with his wife. He followed it up quickly with "if you've been to Napa, don't bother." At first, I misunderstood, thinking he meant Napa wasn't any good and Ohio's was better. I was skeptical. But I'd gotten it wrong. He counseled all of us in the room not to go to the one in Ohio...

But not having made it to Napa for the wine yet, maybe it wouldn't be so bad...

David Hallgren said...

Hi Wes,
It sounds like you had a good time out West. I always like to hear about how great the West Coast is...except for its football, basketball or college sports, we rock!