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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Universalism Gone Too Far

Granted this may be based on my being raised in a Duke household.


Why do all of the commentators, SportsCenter, the Today Show, Facebook Status updates and basically all of America feel the need to sugar coat the Butler loss?

To say that “There were no losers out there on the court today” or “Both teams are champions in my book” is an offensive statement, not only to Duke but also for the Butler Bulldogs.  

They did not win; they played hard (and incredible), but they loss.  

They were in the lockerroom crying while Duke was hoisting the trophy and the commentators were trying to protect the kids’ fragile egos by calling them co-champions.  Those kids know the truth and will grow mightily from the experience of coming that close to a championship.  To water it down, to sugar coat it so that they may not feel heartbreak and disappointment only makes us (the observers) feel better. 

Why do we do it?

Because we cannot deal with the reality that in life there are winners and there losers.

Because we cannot deal with disappointments in our own lives and do not want to see others go through it too.

It’s like giving trophies to kids for showing up to tryouts.

It’s like saying all religions lead to the same god, and thereby negating the deep seeded differences in all religions.

It’s like Phil Keoghan announcing that this was a non-elimination leg of the Amazing Race; then why race?


Oh yeah,

K-4, Dean-2

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