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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Serious Question: G-6.01016b

With local presbyteries having debated for a fifth time G-6.0106b, and now changed ordination standards, a particular question has sprung up for me. I had the core of my question/argument answered in this article by the LA Times regarding Rev. Saphr. The argument has been made, and upheld, that she is allowed to be openly homosexual and an ordained minister in the PC(USA) because her ordination pre-dated G-6.0106b. Therefore, since during her ordination she did not take a vow to fidelity and chastity (this likewise extends to heterosexual ministers, and has been upheld) these vows cannot be forced upon her.

It is necessary then that the converse would also be true.

Since G-6.0106b is overturned, does it not stand to reason that those of us ordained during its existence are bound by our particular ordination vows? Does not my standing before God, a congregation and my family to make particular vows mean anything (even if those vows are later altered)?

Are the proponents of its removal expecting that this would then “free” up closeted elders, deacons and ministers? It seems to me that this would not be the case for the currently ordained and only apply to the newly ordained.

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