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Friday, January 06, 2012

WTHeck Week

Day off...
discovered that one of my beer brews got over carbonated and exploded (hope that my Xmas presents to others didn't!)

Lindsay's car dies while in the carpool line
My cell phone battery is dead preventing me from get her distress call.

Realized I have lost my Starbucks Goldstar Card

Lindsay's car won't start
I cannot get a computer in the office to hold a video conference chat
After 3 hours at the dealership they cannot figure out what was wrong with the car.

The garage door spring breaks and won't let me get my car out of the garage.
On the way home from Lowe's I get rearended by an old woman who refuses to get out of the car. She just roles down the window slightly and says, "Is it okay, can I just go? My slipper fell off and got stuck. Can I go now?"
Preaching Sunday...pray that it does not capstone the week.

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