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Monday, January 21, 2013

1st Half: still alive

I imagine most people were wondering why I haven't been on social media for the past ten minutes or couple of days and may have feared the worst. No my boys did not realize they could gang up on me...yet. Here is to hoping I don't get "Falconed" (means choking when the games on the line).

The weekend so far...

3:13pm--Drop Ellie and Linz at the airport
3:30-4:45--Watch planes take off at the overlook (really cool place)
5-7--Dinner and a Movie (curious George)

9:30-11:30: Chuckecheese
11:30-12:30: Chickfila
12:30-1: buying bat,am and spiderman toys at target to keep me distracted
1-3 YMCA pool
3-5: playing in the front yard and workout
5-6: sat. Pm church (free babysitting!!)
6-7:30: pizza and ice cream

9-12: church
12-1: lunch
1-4: nap
5-7: dinner with friends (and adult conversation w/ little whining TBG)

8-9:: Batman cartoons (definitely too aggressive for 3yo boys)
10-11:30: Monkey Joes
12-1: lunch
1-?????: nap (made up a workout...kettle bell, steps, and reverse bear crawls....released some pint up frustration)

I'm out of ideas and have 52 hours to go!!!!!

I think this is my own version of 127hours...

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