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Monday, October 02, 2006

are you freaking kidding me?

Sorry, but I am irrate right now.
this has happened thrice...unfortunately I realize that if you are smart of enough to use a computer, or read, or even breathe than you probably are not the culperate, but seriously.

So, this morning I went out on a 17 mile run. 9 miles north, 8 miles south, with a mile walk home. Half a mile into the starting point I drop a water bottle [actually I stand it up so it does not look like it was accidentially dropped], so I will have fresh water to come back and drink. For those in CRW--I put it right at the corner of the bridge and the canal (a 50 mile atheletic trail).

When I came back (after 2:30 hours of running), its gone! Some imbeicle probably figured that since no one picked it up after their 20minute walk then obviously it was left there (harsh, I know, but I am thirsty, tired and pissed).

Had this been the first time, I would have been okay with it. But just last weekend, I dropped my towel and waterbottle at the bridge--and some imbecile took the towel but left me the water bottle!

Had that been the first time, I would have been okay with it. But last fall, while training, I had dropped my waterbottle and towel a mile into the run. When Lindsay and I were 2 miles from returning to that spot, I saw a woman carrying my waterbottle and towel! Her response to my confrontation, "oh, I thought someone left it." (Argh!)

So please, if you are on the canal and see a full water bottle standing up with a towel attached to it, for the love all things pure and holy, leave it alone.

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