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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why men suck at praying...

I hate communal prayer, it often is forced, awkward, brief and ungenuine (whatever that word would be). Now don't get me wrong I feel that I have a very real private prayer time but communal prayer always seems like we pray for what we think we are supposed to pray for not what we need to pray for.

Check out this description of church's monthly men's morning pancake breakfast...I think I've been to these breakfasts (and hosted many myself).

“When the prayer time arrives, there is usually an awkward silence. No one wants to be the first one to talk, and finally one man stands up and asks for prayer for his aunt in New Jersey who has cancer. This is a noble intercessory request, and we should absolutely pray for others (it’s our job). But some need prayer for failing marriages, while others need men to pray to break the shackles of pornography addiction. Those prayers often go unspoken out of embarrassment or fear of judgment, because these men really don’t know each other.”

Excerpt From: Covenant Eyes, 2012-03-20. iBooks.
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